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Meeting the Living Master, Sri Dharma Mittra

I was introduced to Dharma’s teachings by an old friend, but the first time I met Dharma - in this lifetime, at least - wasn’t in the waking state, it was in a dream. Awakening from my dream, I was immediately enveloped by Dharma’s love, and right away I knew there was something bigger at play. Even though I was on the other side of a continent, in a different country, I knew Dharmaji was calling to me; I was ready. Without a plan, and with seemingly none of the necessary parts in place, I set the intention that I would make my way to NYC to be with Dharma. I didn’t know how, I didn’t know when; but twice weekly, during the Psychic Development techniques, I set the sankalpa, or intention, that I would somehow make it to the temple to study with the living master himself.


They say when you are living your dharma, or path, everything becomes easy. Sure enough, bit by bit, everything piece of the puzzle began to fall into place. They say a true master is only concerned with intention. Sometimes we get too caught up in the minor details, and forget the big picture. Where will I get the money? How will I get the time off work and school? Then we concern ourselves with those minor details that seem insurmountable, and they consume us. Instead, I opened myself up to the infinite potential of the universe. When I did, it was almost like I dove in the river of life and it was carrying me towards my destination.


Being in Dharma’s physical presence for the first time, you immediately sense his humble, open nature. When Dharma looks at you, his pure, unconditional love is clearly apparent. I knew he was seeing me - not my physical appearance, but truly seeing me, with all my faults and flaws - and loving me unconditionally. Dharma doesn’t only love you if you’re clean, or respectful, or only if you act how he thinks you should; he loves you regardless. This is how Dharma feels for all living beings. I don’t study with Dharma for physical health, or to have the ability to do cool looking poses. Those things don’t really matter, and aren’t permanent anyways. I study with Dharma because I want to learn how to see the Self in all beings. I want to tap into the source, and live in a place of unconditional love like he does.


Life provides us these wonderful opportunities all over the place. We just have to be more receptive to the possibilities, and often get out of our own way. We are capable of so much, we just have to harness our true potential and unleash it in a directed and purposeful way.

Be receptive to the infinite potential within.

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