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Mentorship Programs

Steve has acted as a mentor to countless individuals over the years, ranging from newer practitioners to advanced teachers. Steve has received mentorship from experienced teachers in his life, and has seen how significantly that impacted his understanding of the material. The system of Yoga is designed to be given by an experienced teacher to a student with whom they have a deep relationship with; this is with the intent that the material will be more purposefully suited for the skill and intended result the student is seeking for.

Steve has continued this tradition of direct teacher-to-student transmission of knowledge, which he feels offers the best opportunities for growth in the system of Yoga. Whether you are looking to deepen your understanding of the foundation or subtler intricacies of the philosophical system of Yoga, or to deepen your practice of the techniques (asana, pranayama, meditation), Steve can assist you. He has developed tailored programs for a number of students over the years that speaks directly to what they have been looking for. He offers guidance and support through your experience. The teacher-student bond is not one he takes lightly, and becoming a student of his means he will commit to your growth throughout your life, and is humbled to be a resource for you on your path.

Are you seeking a skilled mentor? Sessions can be tailored to your schedule and can be done remotely. Whether it is a one time thing, or a continued relationship that continues to blossom over time, Steve is here to help be a guide for you.

Contact him if you are interested, or have additional questions about the services he offers.

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