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200hr Teacher Trainings

Steve has been a lead teacher in over 20 Teacher Training programs over the course of his life, as well as acted as a guest teacher in countless others. He is a eRYT-500 teacher with the Yoga Alliance, as well as a accredited Continuing Education Provider. Not only has Steve delivered the in-depth material involved in his own sessions, he has been integral to the creation the entire curriculum for two separate training programs. He has done the full scheduling for trainings, and has also written a training manual to coincide with the material presented. The material has its foundation in the classical system of Yoga, but is intended to deliver the INTENT of the material so students are able understand WHY they would present material in certain ways. This is meant to teach the critical thinking central to the proper and purposeful presentation of material so that each student is invited to develop their own voice and expression of the system of Yoga.

He is currently a lead teacher of the Village Yoga Pemberton training, where he, along with a team of highly skilled teachers, prepare students to engage with the practice of Yoga in an intuitive way with a depth of knowledge and understanding.

Are you looking to run a 200hr program at your space, yet are having difficulty in developing the material? Steve can be hired as a consultant in the development of your program. You don't need to recreate the wheel; Steve's curriculum is thorough and honors the philosophical foundation of Yoga, the physiological considerations applied to the body and mind in this system, an intuitive presentation of the system of asanas (or poses), a step-wise instruction leading to deeper understanding and more skilled execution of pranayama (breathing) and meditation exercises, along with opportunity to understand the practice of Yoga from more than one perspective and lineage. The foundation of the program can then be tailored to more specifically suit the needs of your intended program.


Steve can be hired strictly for program curriculum building, or can be brought on for teaching responsibilities to aid in running your program.


Please don't hesitate to contact Steve if you feel like he can assist you in the creation or delivery of your training program.

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